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We are an alliance of WOMEN supporting WOMEN by harnessing our collective leadership power. Women Willpower serves women who consider themselves to be leaders. Women who are in small business, leaders in the community, entrepreneurs and who asipre to become more powerful.  

Empower Your Inner Leader

Harness Our Collective Power

What is the Women Willpower Alliance? Women in the alliance believe in women supporting women to build stronger businesses and to cultivate the power of our collective leadership.

What is a PowerUp Session? It is a time to harness our collective knowledge and leverage our diverse experiences in order to solve problems we are facing as leaders and business owners. We focus our attention on a single challenge and create a course of action.  

What do we during our PowerUP sessions?

- LISTEN TO EXPERTS discuss what it takes to lead. Experts will discuss finding their voice in business, in the community & at home.

- EXCHANGE IDEAS with peers in breakout dialogues.

LEARN about how our peers have found the drive and stregnth to navigate difficult challenges and find success.

- SHARE resources, tips and efficency methods. 

CELEBRATE ourselves. We are women leaders, business owners, community leaders and risktakers.

BECOME ELIGIBLE FOR - A NEW PILOT PROGRAM where together, we will create a new practice of women supporting women in business.

Together, women will power ourselves, each other, our communities, and our businesses. 


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Business Owners & Community Leaders

Local area business owners and community leaders share their thoughts on topics affecting women in leadership and business.

A PowerUP session can include a single speaker, a panel of experts, an in-depth breakout session or a simple gathering of alliance members for a simple meal and a peer-to-peer problem solving session. 
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Meet Our May 20th Summit Experts

Our experts are business owners, mothers, daughters, entreprenuers, community leaders and more.